GreenGamesAndHam is a very popular gaming site sponsored by a free Game Center Application and/or Game Toolbar (“Software”), both offering the opportunity to play fun free games from our unique library of casual flash games designed and developed by some of the best game developers in the world. Our members play completely for free and are encouraged to come back often.

Before playing our games, players must agree to our standard Terms and Conditions. In addition to our Software, you will or might be shown Optional Promotional Software from our partner (the “Offers”). Learn More. GreenGamesAndHam is 100% Free and never requires a credit card or any payment from our players.

Our partner’s Offers:

  • Is not Spyware or Malware and will not hurt any PC.
  • Will not change browser settings or reset any homepage without your permission.
  • Does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or send any PII to 3rd parties without your submission and permission.
  • Is removed completely upon uninstallation, no apps are installed and no software is left behind when the software is removed.
  • Uses an independent third party watchdog to monitor its distribution practices and any consumer complaints to ensure best practices are adhered to.

Installation & Upfront Disclosure GreenGamesAndHam makes installation clear and easy to understand. The GreenGamesAndHam home page and all landing pages, ad pages, and other pages on the GreenGamesAndHam.com site provide clear notice of the Software functionality, ad serving, and removal instructions. The Software installation process is:

  • 100% opt-in.
  • A multi-screen Software and/or Offers process which makes it easy to exit anytime.
  • Completely transparent with no silent or forced installs.
  • Fully attributable, and all files in the software download include sponsor name, EULA, Privacy Policy, Offer description, screen shots and more.

Simple Removal GreenGamesAndHam makes the uninstall process clear and easy to understand:

  • Software and/or Offers removal can be performed manually anytime.
  • All Software installed is clearly identified with the sponsor name.
  • Add/Remove software instructions are easy to find on the site: uninstall

Terms and Conditions GreenGamesAndHam has easy to find Terms and Conditions at Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy GreenGamesAndHam respects consumer privacy and provides a detailed privacy policy located at Privacy Policy

Contact GreenGamesAndHam: If you have any questions or comments please visit GreenGamesAndHam Support